Each of the three parishes has active international ports. Port activities and travel create the opportunity for international trade/ travel and economic activity, but also the risk of diseases importation and spread.

A Port Health Officer is situated in each of the parishes, having the responsibility to execute programmes to prevent the importation and spread of diseases. Additionally, ensuring that satisfactory health standards are attained and maintained at airports and seaports to prevent the dissemination of vectors.

The Port Health Office enforces relevant provisions of the Quaraine Act and Regulations as well as International Health Regulations.

Core Duties

At the seaport:

  • Clearance of incoming vessels (free pratique), health clearance, inspections
  • Issuance of Ship Sanitation Control Certificate
  • Issuance of Ship Sanitation Control Exemption Certificate
  • Monitoring of liquid/ solid waste pollution is coastal territorial waters.

At the Airport:

  • Clearance of incoming crafts (pratique)
  • Health surveillance of the food catering services provided by airlines
  • Monitoring of hygiene and sanitation standards within the Airport
  • Implementation of aircraft disinfection programme for incoming flights from areas affected by vector borne diseases.