St. Ann - Certified Tourist Establishments

Disclaimer: This list was last updated on November 20,2018.




 Jewel Dunn's River Beach Resort & Spa Mammee Bay 13.3.2019
 Jewel Dunn's River Beach Resort & Spa Mammee Bay 11.6.2019
11 C Turtle Beach Towers Ocho Rios 18.6.2019
642 Breadfruit Villa 642 Breadfruit Ave. Richmond 01.2.2019
A Summer Place Fortlands Rd., Discovery Bay 29.6.2019
Amanoka DaCosta Drive, Ocho Rios 16.7.2019
Bahia Principe Jamaica Resort Peer Tree Bottom, D/Bay 20.12.2018
Biggs Clock Tower Guest House 72 Hopewell Garden, DBay 06.9.2019
Blue waters Old Fort Bay 16.7.2019
Bougainvilla Silverspray, Runaway bay 25.4.2019
Cannon Villa Old Fort Bay, Mammee Bay 24.4.2019
Canoe Cove Villas Old Fort Bay, Mammee Bay 11.9.2019
Carib Ocho Rios Resort Carib, Ocho Rios 20.4.2019
Caribbean Dawn Mamme Bay 08.6.2019
Carleens By The Sea 85 Main Street, Ocho Rios 30.4.2019
Casa De Shalom Content Gardens, ocho Rios 11.6.2019
Chillin at Old Fort Bay Old Fort Bay, Mammee Bay 24.4.2019
Cindy Villa Runaway Bay 19.1.2019
Columbus Heights #19 Ocho Rios 04.9.2019
Condo Rios Resort 15 Old Fort Bay 24.3.2019
Cove Villa Pratt Crescent, Mammee Bay 23.4.2019
Cupola Villa Tripoli Runaway Bay 15.8.2019
Crystal Cove Apt. 121 Main Street, Ocho Rios 22.8.2019
Discovery Bay Villa Hopewell Gardens, D/Bay 03.8.2019
Dittrich Company Limited - Kaz Kreol Beach Lodge White River Bay 16.7.2019
Eslyn Villa 2 Edwards Ave., Runaway Bay 22.5.2019
Executive Mammee Bay Hotel Mammee Bay 24.4.2019
Executive Shaw Park Shaw Park, Ocho Rios 22.4.2019
Exodus Retreat Lot 10 Ricketts Drive, R/Bay 23.11.2018
Fisherman's Point (Apt. # 6) Ocho Rios 19.6.2019
Fortlands Point Discovery Bay 22.2.2019
Four Winds Villa Old  Fort Bay, Ocho Rios 08.6.2019
Franklyn D.Resort Runaway Bay 01.4.2019
Geddes Great House Britton Ville , St . Ann's Bay 25.4.2019
Heaven Can wait Mammee Bay 07.11.2018
Hibiscus Lodge Hotel 83 Main Street 12.2.2019
Hidden Bay Main St., Runaway Bay 21.9.2019
Holiday Haven Cardiff Hall, Runaway Bay 25.9.2019
Holiday Villa ****Silver Lime Villa 11 Beverly Drive, Runaway Bay 25.4.2019
Idle Hours Villa Main Street, Ocho Rios 13.8.2019
Jamaica Hunny Bay Resort Richmond, Priory 24.11.2018
Jasmin Hill Main Street, Ocho Rios 31.5.2019
Jericho Villa Upton, Ocho Rios 19.2.2019
Jewel Paradise Cove Silver Spray, Runaway Bay 11.6.2019
Jewel Runaway Bay Beach & Golf resort Runaway Bay 10.4.2019
Jewel Runaway Bay Beach & Golf Resort Runaway Bay 11.6.2019
June's  B and B Bridgewater, D/Bay 10.5.2019
Kaz Kreol Jamaica White River, Ocho Rios 16.7.2019
Keela Wee 12 Fortland Rd. Discovery Bay 23.1.2019
La Penciano Guest House 3 Short Lane, Ocho Rios 25.7.2019
Linga Awile Cottage Fortland Rd. Discovery Bay 22.3.2019
Little Savoy Guest House Runaway Bay 25.5.2019
Little Shaw Park Guest House Cutlass Bay, Ocho Rios 24.3.2019
Mais Oui Villa St. Ann 30.3.2019
Makana Fortland Rd., Discovery Bay 23.1.2019
Mamiti Cove Main Street, Ocho Rios 24.4.2019
Marine View Hotel James Ave, Ocho Rios 26.6.2019
Mills Villa 7-9 Tamarind Hill, Cardiff Hal 10.7.2019
Mom's Village Resorts Salem, Runaway Bay 21.3.2019
Monticello Villa & Golf Resort Upton, St. Ann 03.12.2018
Moon Palace Jamaica Main St., Ocho Rios 15.11.2018
Mount Corbett Estate Primrose Hill, Discovery Bay 29.5.2019
New Meditation Heights 10 Huntley Ave., Brown's Town 22.11.2018
Nine Miles Cultural hangouts 9 Miles, Calderwood 24.9.2019
Paradise Place St. Ann 20.9.2019
Paradise Villas Dairy Road, Discovery Bay 24.8.2019
Patiently Waiting Mammee Bay 24.11.2018
Pineapple  Court Pineapple Place, Ocho Rios 13.6.2019
Pink Rock Inn Shaw Park, Ocho Rio s 10.9.2019
Pipers Cove Resort Salem, Runaway Bay 25.5.2019
Reggae Hostel 19 main St., Ocho Rios 22.2.2019
Rio Chico Villa Ocho Rios 17.1.2019
Riviera Mammee Bay, St. Ann's Bay 18.6.2019
Roaring Pavillion Villa & Spa Mammee Bay 18.6.2019
Rooms On The Beach Main Street, Ocho Rios 19.6.2019
Runaway Bay HEART Hotel* The Cardiff Hotel & Spa Cardiff Hall, Runaway Bay 20.4.2019
Salem Guest House Resort Salem, Runaway Bay 08.8.2019
Sand Castle PSp 401 Main St., Ocho Rios 27.9.2019
Sandals Royal Plantation Pineapple, Ocho Rios 25.4.2019
Santai Villa Hibiscus Mt. Pleasant, Runaway Bay 24.4.2019
Scotch  On The Rocks Pineapple , Ocho Rios 13.6.2019
Sea Grapes Villa Fortland, Discovery Bay 21.11.2018
SeaCrest Beach Resort 2 Richmond Estate, Priory 25.4.2019
Seven Seas Mammee Bay, Ocho Rios 22.8.2019
Siesta Bahia Villa Runaway Bay 16.8.2019
Silver Creek Resort Cardiff Hall, Runaway Bay 22.12.2018
Silver Palms Villa Old Fort Bay, Mammee Bay 24.4.2019
Silver Seas Hotel James Ave, Ocho Rios 23.4.2019
Sky Castles Columbus Heights 14.12.2018
Sky Castles Condominium*Columbus Heights Condominium Columbus Heights,Ocho Rios 10.2.2019
Soon Come Villa 43 Edward Ave. Cardiff Hall 24.9.2019
Spanish Cove Villa Runaway Bay 21.9.2019
Stone Harbour Old Fort Bay, St. Ann 25.6.2019
Sugar Bay Villa Runaway Bay 17.7.2019
Sun Spot Villa Cardiff Hall, Runaway Bay 08.9.2019
Sundown Villa Fortland Rd. Discovery Bay 17.1.2019
Sunflower Beach Resort Salem, Runaway Bay 08.2.2019
Sweet Spot Villa Runaway Bay 21.2.2019
Tamarind Tree Resort Runaway Bay 27.6.2019
Terra Nova Villa Mammee Bay 19.2.2019
The Columbus Inn Richmond Estates, Priory 31.5.2019
The Marina Village Condo Resort Ltd. Drax Hall 21.11.2018
View of the Ocean Resort 322 Mammee Bay estate 21.2.2019
Vilagio Villas Ltd Dairy Rd., Discovery Bay 17.4.2019
Villa Kima Mammee Bay 08.6.2019
Villa Loujo 17 Hibiscus Way, St. Ann's Bay 25.6.2019
Villa Mara Mammee Bay Estate 26.3.2019
Villa Mishkan Cardiff Hall, Runaway Bay 24.5.2019
Villa Paradiso Mammee Bay 25.6.2019
Villa Sea Haven Fortland Rd. Discovery Bay 21.5.2019
Villa Sonate Cardiff Hall, Runaway Bay 13.2.2019
Villa Turrasann Runaway Bay 14.11.2018
Village Hotel 45 Main Street, Ocho Rios 19.4.2019
Whispering Waters Fortland Rd., Discovery Bay 23.1.2019